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Are You Looking for High Level Consulting Services
 in France and in Europe ?


Our senior organization, management, IS and IT consultants are located in Paris. They are fluent in English, and German and experienced on international projects. Contact J. Duquesne (Ingénieur of Ecole Polytechnique, Ph.D.), our CEO, at, to see how we can serve your subsidiaries or offices in France. Let us start now to work on a successful partnership.

Areas of expertise : Financial Services Industry including Banking, Finance, Asset Management, Insurance ; Software, High Tech, Electronics and Electrical, Industrial Goods and Services, Healthcare, Start-ups.

We can help you establish a successful Digital and Information Systems Strategy, Information Systems Governance, Master Plans, Change Management, Audits, Organization and steering of complex projects.

Leverage the power of internal social networking and collaboration tools to your business, be more efficient on public social networks by setting up the right internal strategy, digital culture, and IT tools, including mobile apps.

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